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What’s your dream?

Published on June 30, 2012, by in General Posts.

Have you ever held in your very hands a dream realized?

It was a very emotional moment, opening the box that contained the first “proof” of my book that I spent three years writing.  Seeing the cover that my friend Stacy designed, seeing my name as the author, seeing the testimonials and picture on the back was simply amazing!  I was holding the product of so much planning, time, energy, effort, and even love.  I was struck all over again by the humbled feeling that it was only possible because of all the people who trusted me to help them with their public speaking, which provided stories for me to help others through the book.  No one who knows me well is surprised to hear that I cried.

What has been so much fun that I had not expected is how excited OTHER people have been about my book – friends, family, colleagues and even strangers.  I’ve literally received pictures from people who took a photo of the book in THEIR hands and sent it to me saying, “It came!” or “Got my copy today!”  People have called, emailed, and texted me that they ordered or got theirs or got one for both their spouse and themselves, or one for each of their kids.  I even had a very nice lady who sat next to me on an airplane buy one from me and she remarked, “I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to read it AND I get to sit by the author.  I got the best seat on the plane!”

Also, folks have already begun sending the notice to others, Facebooking, Tweeting and emailing the link, which is really helpful so that more people who might want it now have access to it.  People keep asking when they can get theirs signed, where I’ll be speaking, and when I’ll bring books to events.  I’ll probably never leave home without it again!

So, if there’s a project you’ve envisioned, an accomplishment you’ve always wanted to do, a dream of your own, please state it out loud.  Tell others, ask for help, make a plan, get started, even if it’s merely a small step in the right direction and then keep moving forward.  Because there’s no feeling quite like dreaming about something, making it happen and holding it in your hands!



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