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What We Do - Public Speaking, Training, Coaching

Workshops and Conferences

Workshops & Conferences

Looking for a keynote speaker for your national or regional event? Jody Cross provides audiences with concrete tools they can use to impact their lives and careers through improved presentation skills.

Jody tailors her presentations to meet the needs of her audiences, with an energetic and enthusiastic style that will engage listeners and help them increase results.

Small / Medium Groups

Small / Medium Groups

Want valuable training for your employees, members, or yourself? The Leaders Speak Workshop will teach participants how to prepare for, organize for and deliver for all their audiences, maximizing every opportunity.

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One-On-One Individuals

One-On-One Individuals

Do you speak in public at least once a month? Do you want to take your speaking to the next level to increase your business, revenue, and credibility in your field?

Change your career by improving your public speaking with an accountability partner who helps you discover how to connect with audiences in a way that leaves them wanting more and telling others about you!

Meet Jody Cross

Jody Cross, Owner of Leaders Speak

Whatever you came here looking for, chances are - the core of what you want is "to do better" at leading, speaking, and communicating. I'm Jody Cross and I want you to succeed! Whether you are in corporate America, own a small business or are leading an organization of members, you probably do at least some public speaking. It is one of the most powerful tools we possess, yet many people don't use it as effectively as they could if they learned a better approach.

In over 25 years of public speaking, including over 20 years teaching others, corporations such as Aflac, Hallmark, and Ernst & Young Accounting Firm have trusted me to help their companies. It has also been my honor to have opportunities to work with leaders from Sprint, Time Warner Media, and Sporting KC Soccer in addition to countless small business owners through group workshops or individual coaching. I'd love to add you to that list. Once you become my audience, I only succeed when you do.

Meet Jody Cross

Use this BEST SELLING Book to become a better speaker!

Have you ever been nervous to speak in public? Or felt after a speech that it didn't go quite the way you wanted it to go? You can change all that by using the strategies in this book! Leaders Speak shows you how to create presentations that connect with your audiences, creating a memorable experience for them and transforming them into spokespeople for your cause, ideas, or business.

Many speakers have increased their impact as a result of the Leaders Speak program and so can you by making it "all about the audience."

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"Before working with Jody, my boss's boss barely knew my name. Since Jody helped me to come from my audiences' perspectives when speaking, this has had a huge impact on my career. I now present nine times more often, to bigger groups in and outside of Sprint, and have been entrusted with higher level projects as well as more leadership opportunities."

- Monika Panpaliya, Manager, Sprint

"Working with Jody for our Aflac Annual State Kick-off Meeting was incredibly effective. We had the best meeting we've ever experienced as speakers. We were better prepared, more organized, and more polished in delivery. We all felt an unprecedented calm or peace right before our huge event. Countless audience members said it was the "greatest ever" from their listeners' perspective as well and that's because we used Jody's process of making it about the audience."

- Jeremy Frye, State Sales Coordinator, Aflac

"Everyone found Jody's presentation to be useful and enjoyable. We appreciated the time she put into learning about our organization and membership so her information was truly tailored to our group. This made it even more relevant for our members. We have suggested her as a speaker to many other groups as well!"

- Nicole Riegel, former Program Chair, ABWA (American Business Women's Association)

"When Jody spoke to our large group, the feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive. They found the most valuable part was the fact that she had us do our own outline so that we would leave with a tool we could actually use. Listeners appreciated her interactive, friendly approach and felt they would be better prepared for organizing speeches for their future audiences."

- Valerie Starks, former Education Committee Member, KCRAR (Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors)

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